Olajumoke Amolegbe

Life Coach. Business Therapist

Helping you channel your full potential

I am a pharmacist and I have an intense passion for Entrepreneurship


I have worked for two decades as a community pharmacist and a business owner.

I was an employee for 8years before I transited to being self employed.

I love freedom and I love to inspire people to do what inspires them. I believe there is hope in every situation.

While at work I wasn’t getting fulfilled and I felt I was in a cage.

So I decided to start my business.

Freedom and Fun are so important to me to perform at my best.

Remove these two and you rendered me helpless.

I love to exercise daily
I love to read and play.
I believe nothing is impossible and I love to learn.
I like to contribute to my community and support them.
I love travelling with my loved ones.

I love to help business owners achieve their business goals.

As well as helping 9-5 pm workers start a side hustle while at work and build a successful business system.

I so passionate about helping people to thrive and believe everyone is special and what they have to offer the world is special.

I believe in change and I love change.

I believe you should learn and observe how things are happening around you and react wisely to any inconvenience.

You can truly be successful, and I’m here to help.

Jumoke Amolegbe

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