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About ME

I grew up in Nigeria. 

I got my education in Pharmacy. My friends sometimes tease me about loving my work and working with drugs. LOL

I am blessed with a wonderful husband of 21years. He’s the love of my life and together we have — amazing children.

I went from working as a pharmacist in a hospital for 8 years and then opened up my own pharmacy. My mother always told me I had an entrepreneurial side. 

I love to travel and have been to many countries: The United States, Canada, The UK ,Ireland ,Amsterdam ,Dubai and some West africa countries .

My pharmacy has been thriving for 12 years. But I wanted more.

So I ventured out on the Internet and discovered the real secrets to making money online. I love sharing it with my friends. 

Jumoke is a business therapist, lifestyle coach, and relationship advocate.

Jumoke uses her knowledge and capacity earned running businesses over the years to help businesses, CEO’s and Entrepreneurs improve business performance, profitability, strategic relationship development and making the workplace stress-less.

18 Years

in buisness