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25 Ways Businesses Can Keep Customers for Life – Jumoke Amolegbe

In this day of the very competitive, challenging business environment, It is very crucial to understand and provide excellent customer service for sales success. Though people don’t pay attention to this, it’s main ingredients in making successful sales.

It will definitely separates you from your competitors and also the best way to win and keep customers for life.

Customer retentions strategy is the way to go.


This will enable you to build and maintain strong customer loyalty:

  1. Reward System: You must have a reward system in place. Your customers should always be rewarded more frequently. It could be quarterly or bimonthly. Send them a gift, know what they do and introduce customers to their business. Help your customers to grow their business.
  2. Good customer loyalty can be built if you also buy from them and use their services as well.
  3. Thank you notes are a great way to appreciate and build customer loyalty. Use handwritten notes and send them out on a daily basis to different customers. A lot of success has been built through this method.
    Plan how many you want to send out on a daily basis and stick to your plan.
  4. Your organization must be disciplined enough to ensure customer’s calls are returned almost immediately. People ignore this act so much, if you are known for this ethics, you will automatically gain their trust. Leverage on this.
  5. Always keep your promise with your customers at all time. Your words should be your bond. Do not compromise integrity at all time.
  6. Avoid procrastination at all time. Any activities that will benefit your customers that you have planned out must be carried out with no excuses.
  7. Let your customers know you for your over-deliver Services. Always under-promise and over-deliver. Give a lot of values to them. Give them more values than they paid for. Always surprise them. Beat their imagination and surpass their expectations.
  8. As a business owner, you must be accessible to your customers more often. Let them know they can count on you at all time to help them with any issues if possible. Strive to meet their expectations at all time.
  9. Credibility is the watchword of any business. You must be trusted by your customers. Establish trust from the onset. People love to do buy from a credible business owner.
  10. The way you show up and the ambience of your office is very important. Appearance is key to the way they perceive you. Perception is a reality just the way people judge a book by its cover.
    You got to be smart and good looking. Show up like you have the capacity to take the contract.
  11. Keep in touch with your customers and devise a way to be on top of their mind. Phone calls every now and then text messages in festive periods, anniversaries, public holiday etc. It’s easy to make money from the existing customers than the new ones.
    Show them love and let them know how much you care for them.
  12. When you fall short or Incase of any misunderstandings, make sure you apologize immediately and send them apology letters.
  13. Be your customers’ Fan or Promoter. Promote their products and services shamelessly. Help them grow their businesses. This is a great way to retain loyalty.
  14. Send your customers some products for free especially things you know they buy from you for free. Send them the invoice and let them know you have taken care of their bills.
  15. Convenient buying from you should be a better way for them. Make buying from your store very convenient. Make it hassle-free to shop from your store. Make the system so easy and stress-free.
  16. A successful business is built easily if you care to know your customers very well and know their wants and needs and ensure to meet up with their expectations. Be customer-oriented and do what they want and like and not otherwise – Establish an advisory panel.
  17. You must include the hiring of mystery shoppers in your strategies. Let them come in to find how excellent your customer service is.
  18. Add value to them and be a Resource. Be a resource of information and support for them. Help them get anything they want even if it’s not related to your business.
  19. Be very compassionate and show kindness always. Be a loving person and show genuine love at all time to them.
  20. Understand your customers very well and speak their language. Be sure you are clear about their request and avoid what they dislike.
  21. Compote yourself always and Ensure you display great attitude at all time.
  22. Show kindness and gratitude to your employees and always treat them well. This will rob on your customers. If you treat them well, they will definitely treat your customers well.
  23. Urgency is key to a successful business as well as rendering a good and expected service or products. Give them what they want, when they want it, the way they want it. Don’t compromise.
  24. Offer Special Price to your customers at intervals. Do promotional sales to your customers and let them know they are saving so much by buying from you.
  25. Treat all customers equally, don’t discriminate.

Studies have shown that many customers stop buying from their favourite stores because of discrimination.

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