Jumoke Amolegbe

…The Transition Coach.

Need to build a side hustle and Profitably transit from employee to entrepreneur?

I did it, and I can show you how

I’ve helped others like you, I’m more than willing to show you how..

Are you feeling overwhelmed with work, family and it’s super difficult to find the balance?

You can’t wait for things to be different?
I’m here to help you, in the last two decades I’ve helped hundreds of ladies like you, find the much needed balance and transition thier life’s from chaos to extraordinary. I can’t wait to serve you.

My competences

Transition Coach

Building Strategic Relationship

Business Therapist

Who is Jumoke Amolegbe?

Jumoke is a pharmacist, seasoned business therapist and transition coach

Jumoke leverages on her knowledge and capacity garnered running businesses over the years to help businesses, CEOs and Enteprenuers improve business performance, profitabiity, strategic relationship development and also making the workplace stress free.

She’s also super passionate about helping employees transition from paid employment to successful entrepreneurship. She did it and she’s helped many women begin and grow their businesses online and offline, she’s most certainly the go to coach to help you ease the stress of transitioning profitably.

What we do:


We organise numerous capacity building trainings for business owners and their staff, with the aim of significantly improving bottom lines, using best practices.


We dive in deep to the core of your business, find out the gaps and help fill them. So you can grow.


Access my premium coaching where I take you by the hand and show you how to successfully transition from one level to the other.

Also I organize group coaching for a select few, aiming at the same goal, where i show the exact strategies I’ve used to grow an 8 figure business and how you can too.

Jumoke has an exceptional and simple way of helping businesses succeed by sharing time unfailing principles and truth. She combines this basic mentoring with a follow through steps to ensure discipline in execution on the part of the protege.

I encourage young business owners to connect to Jumoke and watch the transformation within time.

In conclusion, Jumoke is a delight to budding business in our time and clime.


Sunny Ameh

Learning from Pharm. Mrs Amologbe Jumoke is like going through the furnace literally, just like gold until it becomes that refined and beautiful gold that we all appreciate and value. It is one that is intriguing, purpose driven, goal/target oriented with clear cut plans and no room.
I have moved from lagging and indecision to effective execution, precision and delivering needed results both in my personal and business life.

I will always recommend her for you and your business over and over again if you badly desire growth and excellence in your business and personal life.


Alfred Chiedu Amunenwa.

Mrs Olajumoke Amolegbe is a real entrepreneur by the definition; PASSIONATE about her business.
A RISK TAKER as she believes you can buy any new product, market it in any location you find yourself at anytime to anybody and make money.
TIME CONSCIOUS as she is of the opinion that you should always be timely so you don’t miss your target customers.
FOCUSED and BOLD as to going for what she wants regardless of tough challenges.
Working with MRS OLAJUMOKE AMOLEGBE has helped me learn the above qualities as well as being an independent decision maker and a person that produces results.



I was a bit lost in my business, trying to find my feet and putting my businesses in a better perspective.Her training was very educative, inspiring and jostling. I enjoyed learning new things and techniques about making sales, meeting new people and the fact that it made me believe more in myself.I was able to reevaluate my strengths and weaknesses. I realise that everyone is a potential customer. I rebranded and I reach out more.


Shakeerah Mohammed.

Pharm Amolegbe is an astute entrepreneur; organized, hardworking, intelligent and result- oriented. You can’t work with her and not be sure of your direction professionally…… she’s an INSPIRATION


Pharm Halimah.

I have known Jumoke to be a very passionate and extremely driven leader who exudes a lot of energy as a sales coach.
She is always learning and seeks to improve herself consistently, and this she transfers to her mentees in all ramifications.
She is always eager to help improve anyone who comes in contact with her and she is committed to leaving people better than they met her.
I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to work with her as they surely catch the fire in her and push all frontiers to achieve their goals.


Uche Amatokwu

Jumoke Amolegbe is a seasonal, inspirational and motivational speaker who trains people on eloquent tips on how to start, develop and grow businesses. Her wealth of business experience is second to none.
She has passed through the thin and thick of business world and survive the ups and downs of the economic saga. A trained Pharmacist and a business Mogul who does business from childhood. Her DNA has business genes which also flows in her blood through her veins.

She is an erudite scholar who has written copies of books. A voracious reader and virtue woman who is really worthy of emulation.

I have no doubt to recommend her to any organization who plan to train her employees. Be it newly employed or experienced staff on how to drive the organizational goals to achieve success.



I am very lucky and blessed to be mentored by her, she is a real role model for my career. I am thankful for having the opportunity to know her and to work with her because everything goes smoothly and therefore we have several interesting ideas for collaboration.


Adebola Fattah

0803 574 2544 || me@jumokeamolegbe.com

No 6 Agungi Ajiran Rd, Eti-Osa, Lekki.

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